“Every class we begin by saying – “Jeong Shin Il Do, Ha Sa Bul Sung!” which means “when mind and body are focused in one direction, you will accomplish your ambition!” Tukong teaches how to focus your mind, discipline your body, and through this improved focus and discipline create more positive outcomes in your life and the lives of the people that surround you.” – Ali Brown, President World Tukong Moosul Federation

Welcome to Tukong Austin – The World Tukong Moosul Federation H.Q. School.

Tukong Austin was originally opened in 1982 by Grandmaster Yi, and has now been passed down to Master Ali Brown.


We have programs for all ages, from 4 years old to adult.

All of our programs at Tukong Austin focus on:

Confidence / Self-Confidence

Respect / Self-Respect

Discipline / Self-Discipline

Control / Self-Control

Stress Reduction

Fitness and Conditioning

Increasing Positive Self-Image

Effective Self-Defense Techniques



Master Ali Brown began Tukong Moosul at age 8, and firmly believes in the benefits of martial arts training for children. He has been teaching children’s programs for over 15 years, and enjoys passing a love of martial arts on to a new generation.

In addition to self-defense, Martial Arts provides a strong foundation for children by teaching the importance of respecting your parents, humility and selflessness in daily life, and how to maintain a level head and control one’s emotions even in the most difficult times.



Tukong offers Traditional Martial Arts for the Modern World. We believe in training not just the body, but the mind. The idea of a warrior has evolved in this modern era – Tukong isn’t just about effective self-defense, but about creating a warrior’s mind to face the challenges in our daily lives. Here we attempt to craft strong, disciplined bodies; calm, disciplined minds; and engaged, peaceful warriors.


Regardless of previous martial arts experience, or current physical condition we have programs that can fit your needs and help you become stronger, fitter, and happier.


We also have schools located in Cedar Creek, Odessa, Kerrville, Hawaii, and South Korea

We invite you to come train with us!