“Being a part of this powerful 1200 year old tradition has been a touchstone for me these past 35 years and nothing brings me more satisfaction, more joy, than passing this art along to the next generation of warrior philosophers.” - Master Don May, 5th dan

Welcome to Tukong Hawaii – Kamuela, Hawai’i,  Ke Ola Mau Loa Church

Tukong Hawai’i was opened in August, 2011 by Master Don May.

We have programs for all ages, from 5 years old to adult.

All of our programs at Tukong Hawaii focus on:

Confidence / Self-Confidence

Respect / Self-Respect

Discipline / Self-Discipline

Control / Self-Control

Stress Reduction

Fitness and Conditioning

Increasing Positive Self-Image

Effective Self-Defense Techniques



Master Don May began studying Tukong Moosul under Grandmaster Wonik Yi in Austin in 1984, and firmly believes in the benefits of martial arts training for children. He has been teaching children’s programs since 1987, and is passionate about passing a love of martial arts on to a new generation.

In addition to the physical aspects of martial arts practice, our program provides a strong set of life skills and problem solving strategies for children by reinforcing the importance of respect, patience, humility and self control in daily life.



Tukong offers Traditional Martial Arts for the Modern World. We believe in training not just the body, but the mind. The idea of a warrior has evolved in this modern era – Tukong isn’t just about effective self-defense, but about creating a warrior’s mind to face the challenges in our daily lives. Here we attempt to craft strong, disciplined bodies; calm, disciplined minds; and engaged, peaceful warriors.


Regardless of previous martial arts experience, or current physical condition we have programs that can fit your needs and help you become stronger, fitter, and happier.

Contact info and address:

Address: 64-5159 Kinohou St, Kamuela, HI 96743
Phone number: 808-936-7388

Other Locations:

We also have schools located in Austin, Cedar Creek, Odessa, Kerrville, and South Korea

We invite you to come train with us!