Meet our Masters and Instructors

Austin, Texas

Senior Master
Master Ali Brown (6th Degree Black Belt) began training in Tukong Martial Arts under Grandmaster Yi in 1984 at age 8. He is currently a 6th Degree Master Instructor, World Tukong Moosul Federation President and Head Teacher at Tukong Austin. His focus is on helping students develop confidence, discipline, strength, effective self-defense, and peace through the Martial Arts.


Master Instructors
Master Nell Newton – (6th Degree)
Master Jerry Moore – (6th Degree)
Master Vikram Doddi – (4th Degree)


Teacher Phil Joffrain – (3rd Degree)
Teacher Shaival Gupta – (3rd Degree)
Teacher Charles Rankin – (2nd Degree)
Teacher Chris Hunter – (2nd Degree)
Teacher John Stone – (2nd Degree)


Black Belt / Assistant Instructors
Alex Cohan – (3rd Degree)
Evangalina Mangino – (1st Degree)


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