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Tukong Austin Tukong Adult's Programs

Tukong offers Traditional Martial Arts for the Modern World. We believe in training not just the body, but the mind. The idea of a warrior has evolved in this modern era – Tukong isn’t just about effective self-defense, but about creating a warrior’s mind to face the challenges in our daily lives. Here we attempt to craft strong, disciplined bodies; calm, disciplined minds; and engaged, peaceful warriors.

Regardless of previous martial arts experience, or current physical condition we have programs that can fit your needs and help you become stronger, fitter, and happier.

Tukong Austin Tukong Adult's Programs


Be honest. How often do you use that gym membership you bought for your last New Year’s resolution? If you want to get in shape, it’s time to ditch the treadmill and weights for something a little more exciting. More and more adults are making martial arts their new workout routine, and it’s no surprise why. Not only do weekly classes hold you accountable, but you’ll see results after training in martial arts for just a few weeks that you won’t see after months at the gym. Martial arts training has been shown to boost heart health, improve flexibility and coordination, lower cholesterol, tone muscles, quicken reflexes, and help with weight loss.

Tukong Austin Tukong Adult's Programs


Having thorough knowledge and experience in self-defense is essential to adult life. Not only will our training teach you how to avoid dangerous situations and provide you with the tools needed to protect yourself from potential attackers, but it will also give you a unique sense of confidence. Knowing that you can defend yourself if necessary will allow you to feel safer in your day-to-day life and will increase your independence.

Many people never step foot in a dojang because they are intimidated by the idea of learning self-defense. Not only is this fear holding you back from reaching your highest potential, but is likely holding you back in other areas in your life. Let us help you overcome your fears and Awaken the Sleeping Giant Within!

Tukong Austin Tukong Adult's Programs


Martial arts may offer a variety of physical and mental benefits, but the best part? The people.

At Tukong, our staff and students set us apart from any other dojang in Austin. We are home to a team of highly experienced athletes who love teaching martial arts just as much as they love practicing it. Our student base consists of students of all ages and backgrounds who are not only devoted to their training but are devoted to our school. When you join Tukong, you not only joining a group of warriors, you are able to join a family as well. Training at Tukong isn’t only about martial arts, we also offer monthly gatherings and social events!

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